Sale Terms

At the conclusion of this test, a sale of all qualifying bulls will be held.

The sale will be held on April 20, 2019 at UW-River Falls.To ensure that SCVBT has adequate sale numbers, the number of sale bulls will be approximately 70% of the largest enrollment group and 70% of the other breeds group to achieve a minimum of 40 bulls, based on sale index.

To be eligible for the Sale, bulls must finish the Test with minimum weight of 1050# for the largest enrollment group and 1000# for the other breeds group.

The sale index shall be calculated as follows: Sale Index = .75 ADG Ratio + .25 WDA Ratio Bulls will be placed in two groups for determining sale index, the breed with the largest enrollment in one group and all other breeds combined together in a second group.

To qualify for the sale a bull must also pass a breeding soundness exam. Any bull that appears to be reproductively or structurally unsound or hazardous in temperament at the test station will NOT be eligible for the sale.

Sale order will be as follows: Bulls will sell by the breed group with fewest bulls, followed by the breed group with the largest number of bulls. Within each group, the sale order will be based on sale index starting with the highest indexing bull first.

Consignors are responsible for transferring the registration papers to the buyer within 30 days of the sale.